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Thinking to apply for a Personal Loan?

Sunday personal loan matching platform able to assist you to get best personal loan from best licensed money lender. Our team strive to find out the best licensed moneylender offer loan with lowest interest, flexible repayment scheme, transparency contract, great service to you. 

Grab Low Interest Loan

Personal Loan

Installment per month
  • Loan Package: $3,000
  • Tenure: 5 Months
  • Interest: as low as 1%
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Payday Loan

Installment per month
  • Loan Package: $800
  • Tenure: 1 Month
  • Interest: as low as 3.92%
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Bridging Loan

Installment per month
  • Loan Package: $25,000
  • Tenure: 24 Months
  • Interest: as low as 2%
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** The table above is display with interest rate between 1%-3.92%. The final interest is decide by licensed money lender. 

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We are not a licensed money lender but we are licensed moneylender directory. Our responsible is help your find and match the best personal loan. 

Our research team will examine all licensed moneylender which offer loan with competitive interest charge,  adaptable repayment scheme, transparency loan contract, great customer service, google reviews, etc.

Just fill in the application form above then our proficient officer will contact you to discuss further. Then our officer will match out the most suitable licensed moneylender to you. 

We are fair directory, not biases to any licensed moneylender but we according to borrowers situation and find out the perfect match. Besides that, we have long list of satisfy customer that recommend to their friends and family visit us. 

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